Eco Projects


26 Ways to Be Environmentally Friendly

1) Precycle – Change the things you buy so as not to cause waste.

2) Recycle with purpose! Move towards a plastic that can be easily recycled.

3) Teach your kids how to Conserve existing resources – water and food for example.

4) Use paper on both sides and make use of scrap paper.

5) Encourage taking shorter showers. Reduce by one minute and get down to 5 min.

6) Switch to non-toxic cleaners.

7) Use foams and aerosols based on compressed air rather than other propellants.

8) Turn things off when not in use.

9) Teach your kids the importance of car maintenance and miles per galon rating.

10) Reduce the use of petroleum based products like plastics.

11) Pick up and properly dispose of trash and recyclables.

12) Spread awareness of environmental issues.

13) Conserve hot water and reduce the water heater setting by a few degrees during summer months.

14) Show your children how you care for your home.

15) Use biodegradable products – plastic bags, dishes, soaps, etc.

16) Preserve your environment. Volunteer with your kids for tree planting programs or creek cleanups.

17) Properly dispose of things including hazardous household waste. Find out if your township has a hazardous waste collection program. Properly recycle of used batteries.

18) If you are not already using energy saving light bulbs, try to put them at least in your kids rooms. These are only marginally more expensive than “old school” ones and practically pay for themselves by saving you money on electric bill!

19) Learn to do more with less. This implies enjoying what you already have more, repairing and reusing existing items! This can also teach kids how to be more creative!

20) Talk to your kids about pesticides and other garden chemicals that you may be using presently. A lot of these end up in the oceans.

21) Start a trial compost project in your backyard and get your kids involved. Composting can be done very inexpensively and keeps a lot of waste out of landfills!

22) Explain the importance of house insulation, especially during winter months.

23) Use more energy effective appliances and explain their significance to your children.

24) Avoid bulky packaging and opt out for air bags instead.